《China year》mobile phone photography contest

Shanghai mobile phone photography tribal group (QQ: 565663807) host officially kicked off in the second cell phone photography competition, hope the general mobile phone photography enthusiasts to compete


In the mobile phone photography theme is given priority to with 《Chinese year》, by mobile phone pictures, fully demonstrate the characteristics of the Chinese New Year


1: participating subjects: the activity scope of the theme of photography, photography works form, style, creation time unlimited, color, black and white must be original works, computer-generated works as invalid


2: the competing models: the event for the mobile phone photography, mobile phone brand, model makes no limit, not phone or I shot will be disqualified (take pictures of the mobile phones must keep complete information)


3: entry time: from now on to contribute as of 1.31, 2017


4: entries can be a single photo can be set, if it is set, is a set of work control in 2-3 pieces, but it must be associated with group work can be different angles


5: entries such as involves image rights, copyright, reputation and other related legal disputes, shall be borne by the author


6: do not conform to the requirements of the participating works will be disqualified when found


7: the author contributions are regarded as agree to abide by the above provisions


8: the author should be the work note their name, unified note in the lower right corner


Other note: entries will not be rejected, please make your own backup


Award Settings:


First prize: a $199 worth of joy way mobile phone 4 k Gao Qingchao wide-angle + macro external a lens


(this prize sponsored by zhongshan music way photography equipment factory)


Second prize: 159 yuan worth of tripod a brand


Third prize: a red envelope



Xiletu, joy in the journey and the perfect moment of the perfect freeze

Happy photography, enjoy the way

The world is so big that we are always wanted to go out to take a look at the mood

So the backpack, walked all the way, wade creek ravine

But, looking back

Worthy of we finish is not beautiful scenery along the way, is not scenic spots and historical sites

But the path of joy and ease



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