Brand story

"Xiletu" brand founder Kevin Lee at the end of last century in Taiwan from the original focus on photographic equipment to OEM business, now has a "xiletu" and "Letu" a their own unique brand, Letu photography from the brand has been founded has gone through tenth years, of which there are brilliant, bumpy, unyielding, have the struggle. Time precipitation of spirit and culture unique enterprise, so that enterprises take it leisurely and unoppressively in the face of challenges, not to be tempted by the interests of the moment, forge ahead.

2006, is destined to be an extraordinary year, Zhongshan City three towns Lotto photographic equipment factory in this year was established. Integrity, pragmatic, innovation, a win-win situation has become the motto of the company.

Founder Lee Kevin to set their own goals: to have their own unique brand. In the same year, "xiletu", "Letu" brand creation.

In the next time, "growing up xiletu" brand fast, multi product lines have been developed, products are exported to Europe and other developed countries; actively with the international well-known enterprises (such as OLYMPUS) and well-known Internet sales platform (such as Amazon) have long Qiadan cooperation, cooperation; facing the market to consolidate the market a sudden change in the situation. Brand position, good quality of service, won the praise of Lotour...... photography in every encounter during the growth of enterprises will encounter various obstacles, instead of being tripped, and going faster and faster, more walk more robust.

The joy and excitement are fading away, leaving behind a more progressive heart. Own brand has become a important footnote in the development history of the company, in the next ten years, "Hi Lotour" new goal to become famous domestic and international companies have a certain influence on the brand - this is encouraging Lotto towards a bright future.

Business philosophy

Keeping pace with the times, pioneering and innovative, is an inexhaustible motive force for the development of enterprises. Only innovation, enterprises can obtain a new growth point, and enhance their comprehensive competitiveness, thus ensuring steady, efficient and sustainable development. For the Lotto photography create competitive vigor and team spirit everlasting enterprise, Letu people in the realistic foundation, and always adhere to the concept of innovation, management innovation, technological innovation, service innovation and industry innovation, and continuously forge ahead, with solid work and outstanding achievements, to seize the opportunities and meet the challenges of market.

Honesty is the foundation of the country, the legislation of the people, is the foundation of enterprises. Lotour photography adhering to the "good image of gentleman merchant, Jia and heavy snow", "good faith" and the two root planted in the corporate culture, and to encourage the sublimation through down-to-earth practice activities. As Lotto people, always adhere to the "sincere heart, the core value of the letter to the" concept, in good faith for the people, in good faith to win the world.

The brand is the source of profit, is the biggest intangible assets of enterprises in the development of refine. Under the condition of market economy, the enterprise brand has become the key link to win the long-term survival and development of the enterprise. Lotto photography is committed to the pursuit of excellence, excellence development concept, carefully nurtured, create a corporate brand, actively grasp the initiative in the market, and guide the direction of consumption, to gain sustained competitive advantage.

Enterprise culture idea

Value creation:

To create value for customers, to provide customers with quality products and services.

To create value for the company, lay the foundation for sustainable development of the company.

Create value for employees, respect and help employees to achieve their own value.

Creating value for the society, pursuing the harmonious development of the company and the society and the environment.

Pursuit of excellence:

Build an excellent team, build a good moral character, full of passion, outstanding performance of the staff.

The implementation of excellent management, deepen the management innovation and change, improve the quality of enterprise management.

To provide excellent service, adhere to customer first, to meet the growing needs of customers and society.

Application of excellent technology, strengthen independent innovation, to enhance the company's core competitiveness.

To create outstanding performance, encourage enterprises and employees to create high performance, the pursuit of high performance.

The construction of excellent culture, cultivation of unique, reflect the cultural concern of the enterprise culture.

The world is so big that we are always wanted to go out to take a look at the mood

So the backpack, walked all the way, wade creek ravine

But, looking back

Worthy of we finish is not beautiful scenery along the way, is not scenic spots and historical sites

But the path of joy and ease



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