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xiletu Let photography

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We always want to go out to see the mood

The world is so big

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Business innovation

Advancing with the times, pioneering and innovative

Honesty and integrity

Sincerity and heart, faith in the line

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Brand is the source of efficiency

The world is so big, we always want to go out to see the mood

Kevin lee,xiletu The founder of the brand at home and abroad have done the following description.

“I like photography, in my opinion, every picture has life, all in a silent way to tell the story of a fresh, or warm or touched... Through the lens, you can reap the beauty of the scenery along the way, capture the moment mood. I really enjoy this feeling. So, when I go out I do not always with a single camera. Especially in a relaxed holiday, go to the park with friends or family to enjoy a meal, go to the countryside to feel the fresh air, ready to use SLR to capture these moments, the moment becomes eternal life, is a happy thing.

However, I hate some crude photographic equipment, not only because it makes me look like a boring tourists. I take pictures and will lead to distraction; more troubling is the use of a photographic pictures never professional.

So, I have a wish: the pursuit of perfect quality, research and development of professional photography accessories. To achieve this desire, I round the clock to the summer of 2006, I founded the hi Lotto brand. For professional photographers and photography enthusiasts, tailored three tripod and accessories, to meet their lifestyle and work style. Focus on quality, the pursuit of excellence is the taste, I like the original intention of Lotto founded. This is great, after several years of development, the company continued to grow, in the joy of numerous passers-by hard work, the company with strong technology, with strong capital to ensure continuous research, enhance the professional level. We like Lotto has been famous at home and abroad, to become the vane and name card professional photographic equipment and endorsement."

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Hongruan panorama master: panorama and panoramic v

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The world is so big that we are always wanted to go out to take a look at the mood

So the backpack, walked all the way, wade creek ravine

But, looking back

Worthy of we finish is not beautiful scenery along the way, is not scenic spots and historical sites

But the path of joy and ease



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