【Cimapro】A new brand : professional photograph accessories for mobile phone

 Cima LOGO final-01.jpg


TAIWAN'S original brand "Cimapro",

this brand produce professional photograph accessories for mobile phone ,GoPro ,digital cameras.

And products are designed for young people,

LOGO design is also in line with our brand objectives,

Expect the product is delicate , neat and simple without losing the uniqueness,





It's means the top in the Spanish, promised to become the industry's top brands;



short for Professional,  expert meaning,

Also means that the brand's products are absolutely top and professional, with unique.




Xiletu, joy in the journey and the perfect moment of the perfect freeze

Happy photography, enjoy the way

The world is so big that we are always wanted to go out to take a look at the mood

So the backpack, walked all the way, wade creek ravine

But, looking back

Worthy of we finish is not beautiful scenery along the way, is not scenic spots and historical sites

But the path of joy and ease



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  • Guangdong city of Zhongshan province Pingchang three township industrial zone
  • xiletu@vip.163.com