Hongruan panorama master: panorama and panoramic video production software

ArcSoft Panorama Maker 5 Pro——Turn your picture and video into stunning panorama


Use ArcSoft Panorama Maker 5 Pro, can be pictures and videos produced into a perfect panorama works. The program also provides powerful multimedia management and image editing tools, help you to more easily manage multimedia resources, or do the final polishing processing to complete the panorama stitching.


* powerful file management system (with grading and tagging features) - new!

* automatically select the same set of pictures via the EXIF information

* automatic analysis and stitching.

Automatic analysis of video scenes, stitching Panorama - new!

* editing tool for fine tuning of a panoramic image

* add custom text and color borders on the panorama

* preview the stitching effect before storage

* works for a variety of export stitching formats, such as QuickTime movie, PT Viewer and Flash

* built in professional panorama print service links

* online ordering panorama print services, to obtain fine works out

* support for a wide range of RAW formatsPowerful multimedia management

More and more media files in the computer, looking for pictures or video files panorama all feel very laborious? Don't worry, the multimedia program provides powerful management functions, to help you easily organize, examine and search the target file. Computer files will be grouped to the database, and faster and more accurate search through classification and labelling. The intimate thumbnaildisplay also allows you to preview the files before opening.

Excellent picture mosaic function

Image stitching can be so simple and easy! The wisdom of the mosaic engine automatic analysis of picture information, select the same group photo and a reasonable sort. You only need to click on the "mosaic" button, and everything else is done by the program. Program also provides an intimate guest function, all orders and picture selection can be adjusted by the user.

Magic film splicing function

With Panorama Maker 5 Pro, you can create a panorama of professional works from filming the movie file! Operation and image stitching panorama mosaic film is similar, the program will automatically analyze the movie file, retrieve the corresponding pictures and stitching.

Provide 5 types of collage

* automatic panorama - no need to worry about the order of the photos, the smart collage engine will identify and arrange photos, and then automatically start collage.

Vertical panoramic view - for the production of towering skyscrapers, such as buildings, towers, trees, or waterfall, and other panoramic view.

* horizontal Panorama - apply to the production of a large landscape, urban landscape, panoramic view, so that your standard lens to play the role of wide-angle lens.

* 360 degree panoramic view - whether you are in the mountains, the trees, or in your own yard, the photo with 360 degree pattern stitching, so you seem to be in one of them.

* stack Panorama - if you are still hesitant about cannot choose a vertical or horizontal mode, then choose a 4x4 tiling pattern stitching panorama!

Six steps to complete the panorama production

Panorama Maker 5 Pro is a powerful digital image processing program, multimedia files can be converted to your magnetic moment in the panorama and exquisite professional works. Stitching process is simple and convenient, only six steps can be completed.

Rich export options

You can choose to complete the mosaic of the panoramic image stored as a static picture, Flash file or video format. Whether it is to share with family or friends or upload to the network, can freely choose.

More simple and easy to use editing tools

The program contains a set of simple and easy to use image processing tools to help beautify your panorama works.

Online print services

After the completion of the panorama works, whether you do not know where this print? Use the program to provide online printing service! - the online print services for Panorama Maker design 5 Pro users, allowing you to get panorama print works beautifully in the home can be professional.

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